A downloadable game

Game jam theme : Impossible things

Game: Impossible feats

A collaborative effort between university students for their first collaborative digital project in Unity. We had 10 days to work on this in our spare time while still doing timetabled university work. We had to organise meetups and workload independently from the university.  We learned a lot to say the least. But this is the result. 

I am unable to access the game to have it playable on itch in browser so if you're curious follow the instructions below.


- Download the below zip file to your windows PC 

- Unzip contents with winrar or 7zip

 - Run the ImpossibleFeats.exe application file (one with orange fish)

- Set resolution, click play and enjoy!

Disclaimer: As a game jam project this game is not complete and will definitely be full of bugs and incomplete user experience design, it is just a showcase of our first digital project ever made. There are no plans to continue development on this project.


Jacob Gibbins - Design (@GamedevGibbins)

Kate Hookham- Art

Richard Bibby-Art

Toby Atkinson - Programming

Tom O'leary- Programming

Tolu- Ogbaro - Programming

Joe Dunn- Writing


Team13GameJam.zip 26 MB